What does "925" in "925 sterling silver" mean?

17th Jan 2012

Perhaps, you have perceived about 925 sterling silver, that is recycled in the silver jewelry and you have speculated what that is. Glowing, first it is a number that is place in front of the sterling … read more

Engagement and Wedding Rings

13th Jan 2012

The engagement rings and wedding bands you select will be one of the mainly long-term pieces of your wedding day. Not only are they a significant constituent of becoming married, but they are also a c … read more

How to Design a traditional Crystal Necklace

13th Jan 2012

If you have a party, wedding, or other particular event coming up, you recognize that no furnish is absolute without the ideal garnishing. While few ladies have room in their financial plan to purchas … read more

925 Sterling Silver and Jewelry Business

13th Jan 2012

What is 925 Sterling Silver?Unadulterated silver is soft, too soft to produce resilient jewelry, so it is variegated with other metals to improve performance. One general silver combination is acknowl … read more
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